Tips To Choose The Best Estate Agents In Romford

Tips To Choose The Best Estate Agents In Romford

East London is one of the best places to buy a new property, be it a commercial one or a residential one. There are several real estate agents who will help you choose the property that you desire the most, starting from a Victorian Villa to an open, airy office space. However, as there are so many professionals in this part of the city, choosing one from them can be quite cumbersome and daunting.

If you end up with the wrong agent, either the property won’t be as per your expectations or you may have to pay a lot of money unnecessarily. So, to help you prevent such inconvenience and keep yourself safe from scams, you need to consider a few facts before you make your final decision. In this below section, we have discussed the fundamentals that will help you make the best choice.

Always Go For Experienced Agents

As there are several estate agents in Romford, you need to make sure that you are choosing only experienced professionals. Even though you will find many new agents to be genuine and trustworthy, it’s better not to consult with them because they don’t have enough market knowledge. And most times, these people work with a third-party agent who may or may not be reliable. That’s why you should collaborate with agents who have at least spent three to four years in the market and dealt with a minimum of twenty to thirty clients.

Make Sure To Study Their Reputation

To ensure that you don’t get stuck in a fraud deal, always rely on reputed real agent experts. They have a market reputation that they need to keep up. And therefore, if they scam someone or charge more fees than required, it is their reputation and fame that will be put at stake. That’s why these agents will always deal in a professional and genuine manner, unlike the agents who are not that much known and always try to crack larger deals by any means.

Explain Your Desires In The Property

Always discuss the type of property you are looking for so that the estate agents in Romford can easily understand what are your desires. For example, let’s say that you need a small villa with an outdoor deck pool. At the time of consultation, if you simply mention that you need a villa, the agent will down all the properties taken under this category, with or without the deck swimming pool.

Check Services Provided By The Agent

Finally, go through the services being offered by the real estate agent. Some professionals will only show you the properties while a few others can help you with additional tasks like registration, tax payments, mortgages, and so on. If you are new to this part of London, it will be better to choose agents who can assist you through the entire process of buying a property.


The choice of a real estate agent will have a great impact on the property you will buy and also its price. Therefore, rather than making a decision in haste, always ensure that you are doing your homework so that you won’t have to suffer later.