Top 4 Features of iPhone X

Top 4 Features of iPhone X

Apple as a brand has been absolutely brilliant with their service and products. Well to start with, they have come up with X, Xr, XS max variants. All these variants are designed in such a way that there are no margins for error at all. But it seems that they have only 6 percent market shares, which is supposed to be so less but this was not the case earlier. They had huge numbers and now, Samsung and other mobile manufacturers are providing best features at cost effective pricing. When all is said and done, Apple still rules the market as they have maintained standards. Here are top 5 features of iPhone X:

  • AMOLED Display 

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Well, iPhone X is the only variant which has OLED display. It has a notch and super retina display which comes with 5.8inches. iPhone Xr comes along with LED display with the same resolution as that of iPhone X.

  • Camera

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The iPhone X comes along with dual camera and never compromises with clarity. The images are crisp and clear. It has portrait mode, which actually acts a Macro-lens. It focuses on a particular thing and blurs the background. Sounds Great! Isn’t it? Yes, if you are passionate about photography, iPhone X is a great option and it is little expensive as you know you will have to pay more for the cut-apple.

  • 3D Touch

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3D Touch is supposed to be one of a kind feature ever used by Apple. It is available only on iPhone X and iPhone XS max. iPhone Xr doesn’t have this feature as it is little cheaper than the duo. But still the big daddy iPhone Xs max rules! They started this feature on iPhone 7 and it seems to be user-friendly and you don’t have to deep dive to look into options.

  • Siri 

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Siri is one of the best voice assistance software ever produced by telecom industry. Well, I compared Samsung bixby and Apple’s Siri. I can say “No Match” to siri. Right from calling to playing music, Siri can assist you in seconds.

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