Best iOS Hacks You Should Know

Best iOS Hacks You Should Know

The tricks which will change the way you use your phone.

True, if you have iPhone, it will do a lot of work for you, even if it’s not upgraded. It can help you find your home back, can bring the latest app first for you, connects you directly to your macbook, apple watch. But this small piece has a lot of hidden wonders, which you may not be aware of. The best ios hack, which you should know, is given below in the blog.

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  • You can charge your phone faster, by keeping it in flight mode.
  • Want to see where you went last week and how much time you spent there? Just go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Frequent Locations.
  • Anything you want to focus on while taking a picture, just press your screen for a second or two till ‘AF Locked’ box pops up. Now you can move your camera anywhere and the focus will still be on place.
  • Want to know, who I calling just by the buzzing. You can do it easily by going in Contacts, select the person name and Here you will find an option of Vibration in which you can customize the vibration by create new vibration tool.
  • Siri can also be wrong! If you find that siri is pronouncing any person’s name incorrectly, than you can correct her by just saying “That’s not how you pronounce…” than siri will ask you for correct pronunciation immediately.
  • If you don’t want to listen to bad tones set by the iPhone, just change it by going on clock app, slide along the timer option. In this under “When Time Ends” tag, you can switch the alarm option for a “Stop Playing’ tag. This feature will turn off the tune, when the timer hits zero.
  • Take a photo without touching your phone – You can use the volume button of your headphones also for clicking a picture.

These were some hacks for ios users. I hope you must have got an idea that how much your phone holds a lot of hidden adventures inside it. These unique features make ios a first position holder in the market. Go on, explore till you find a new hack, and if you find one, do share it with others through comment box below. Waiting for your new hacks too!